poems and poems-in-progress

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Excerpt from Via Crucis, a Poem in 14 Parts: IV Jesus Meets His Mother

You are all, Mother,
you could never stop

in me, as I am 
all you could 

never imagine
I might be-

come. One
last time, Mother,

“Yes.” Call it 
out at my crowning,

See me, 
for all 

I am
at the threshold

between being
and not.

Watch me
watch you; 

without exemption.
Know the full 

force so you may throw it back at me
the dark weight Love 

is. Say “Yes,” Woman, 
bring forth new life

once last time. 
Forgive me, Mother,

for you now know 
what it is I 

do. Feel how 
I am

in you, Queen,
as if I never left,

fruit of your womb,
which, ripened,

now falls 
not far 

from the tree.

National Poetry Month Haiku Project 30/30 # 8; Excerpt from "April"

Veined nimbus clouds loom. Wet transit workday swoosh sounds. April dirt opens.